Night Guards & Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

A sports mouth guard is a custom designed appliance made of flexible plastic and molded to fit the shape of your teeth. Custom mouth guards provide the most comfort and protection. Mouth guards are recommended to protect the jaw and teeth during physical activity and sports such as boxing, football, basketball, skiing or other activities where your mouth may get hit. In addition, these guards protect the soft tissues of your tongue, lips and cheek lining.

Night Guards

Night guards are recommended for patients who clench or grind their teeth at night as a way to protect their teeth and jaw joints from pain and damage. (Most patients are actually unaware that they do this!)

Bruxism is the medical term for forceful clenching and/or grinding of your teeth. It can cause severe problems. The action of grinding- where your upper and lower teeth move back and forth with great force against each other- causes your teeth to flatten. If allowed to persist, grinding can cause temperature sensitivity, pain because the wear gets down to the nerve, cracks in the teeth, receding gums and eventually lost teeth. To fix these, patients will sometimes need expensive dental work such as crowns, bridges, veneers, extractions, implants, and root canals! Grinding can also cause migraine headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck, back, and ears.

A night guard is custom designed from teeth impressions to minimize the abrasive grinding action. Mouthguards must be worn on a long-term basis to help prevent tooth damage.

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