Professional Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change your smile. Everyone can benefit from a whiter, brighter smile. White teeth are an indication of good health and the absence of unhealthy habits, so many people unconsciously react more positively when you present a dazzling smile.  Enhance your smile and overall tooth appearance with a whiter smile at our Aurora dental practice.  After a personal consultation, one of our experienced Pioneer Hills Dental team members will help you choose the method that lets you achieve the perfect shade.

Tray whitening is a cost effective whitening treatment you can use while in the comfort of your own home. We will first take an impression of your mouth to create customized clear whitening trays for you to wear. Within a few days your trays will be ready to be picked up and we will show you how to apply the special bleaching material to the trays. The whitening gel trays should be worn 30-60 minutes up to twice a day. At the end of this period, you will see maximum whitening results that are nothing short of dazzling. Occasional treatment can be used at your convenience to maintain your new smile.

Why Do Teeth Darken?

Your teeth will darken over time. Changes in the color of your teeth can be caused by such factors as the food and beverages consumed (like coffee, tea and soda). Other known factors for discoloration may include childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco use or improper oral hygiene. Restoring your natural white smile is a priority for our Pioneer Hills Dental dental whitening team. We can provide a variety of options for whitening your smile that won’t damage your enamel.

Tooth whitening services are growing in popularity, and it’s one of the most requested services offered by our practice. Everyone sees the growing consumer market focused on whiter teeth. The reality is that over-the-counter, “too good to be true” solutions typically don’t work.

We are trained professionals using industry-approved methods. Our goal is to meet the needs of every patient, and every patient’s needs are different. One of the methods used by our practice is a gentle hydrogen-peroxide gel-activated solution. Our process will whiten your entire smile in one visit. Call us today at (303) 766-8811 for a whitening evaluation.

Nothing improves your appearance more than a bright, white smile!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Am A Tooth Whitening Candidate?

The great thing about teeth whitening is it can be performed on almost anyone that is interested in lightening the shade of his or her natural teeth. Teeth whitening is a safe cosmetic dentistry procedure that can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

What Options Are Available For Whitening My Teeth?

At Pioneer Hills Dental, we offer whitening services in our office as well as a take home system that provides plenty of whitening power over a slightly longer period of time. Each option offers a unique set of benefits. You can also use them in conjunction for the maximum whitening effect.

Are Over-the-Counter Whitening Kits Just As Effective?

You may be able to lighten the color of your teeth a few shades by using over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but this does not compare to the shade improvement that professional tooth whitening accomplishes.

What Are The Benefits Of In-Office Whitening?

If you are looking for a faster whitening result for an important upcoming event, allow Dr. Wolbaum to administer a full treatment in the office. This is the fastest method if you cannot wait for results. Sit back and relax with some of your favorite tunes as the treatment removes discoloration in just two hours.

If I Am Getting a Bridge, Crown Or Other Dental Restoration Should I Get My Tooth Whitened Before or After?

Although teeth whitening can significantly whiten your teeth, tooth whitening cannot be used on dental restorations like dental bridges, crowns, or porcelain veneers.  Plan on having your teeth whitening treatment performed before your restorative work so ensure that your new restorations match your new, bright, white smile.

Does Tooth Whitening Hurt?

Not everyone gets pain after dental whitening, but occasionally it does occur.  Most commonly you may experience intermittent pains that come and go for a few seconds, or possibly a dull continual aching, but these pains resolve within 24 hours.  During your Pioneer Hills Dental teeth whitening evaluation, you and Dr. Wolbaum will discuss options that you can consider for helping prevent discomfort before, during or after the whitening process.

How Soon Will I See Results?

You will be able to notice a difference in the brightness of your smile when you walk out after an in-office treatment. If you invest in a home treatment system instead, you should see some improvements in just a week.

How Long Will My Tooth Whitening Results Last?

Largely, the amount of time you can enjoy your teeth whitening depends on you. Tooth whitening results will last the longest for people that maintain healthy dental hygiene, avoid excessive exposure to dark food and drink, and do not use tobacco products.

Why Should I Choose At-Home Whitening?

Patients looking for a gradual change will prefer the gentle lightening effect of our at-home treatment kit. A prescription-grade gel is combined with a custom fit tray for a comfortable and easy way to remove yellowing. This kit can be used after in-office treatments to keep your teeth white over the years.

How Much Color Can Whitening Remove From My Teeth?

On average, thorough whitening will lift away stains and yellowing that have accumulated in the last seven years. The best way to enjoy white teeth throughout your life is to regularly invest in lightening services to keep stains from setting in and becoming permanent.

How Long Do I Need To Wear The Mouth Trays?

We offer different whitening solutions. During your appointment, we will provide you with detailed information on how to safely and effectively whiten your teeth at home.

Will My Insurance Cover My Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover tooth whitening because it is considered an elective cosmetic procedure.   However, don’t let this deter you.  Teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your smile. Pioneer Hills Dental can also offer you different payment options so you can find a teeth whitening procedure that will work for you and your budget.

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If you are interested in having a whiter, brighter smile, contact Pioneer Hills Dental today at (303) 766-8811. During your visit, we will answer any questions you may have and provide expert recommendations on how you can reach all of your smile goals.  Dr. Wolbaum is highly skilled and trained to provide a variety of dental services. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best possible care.  We believe that everyone deserves to experience the life-altering benefits of a radiant, healthy smile.  Dr. Wolbaum is a family dentist in Aurora, Colorado, with convenient access to the communities of Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Castle Rock and Lone Tree.