Give Thanks for Modern Dentistry

modern dentistry

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and think about the many things we have to be grateful for. Counted among those things, are the advancements made in dental services that are available today.

Until 1938 toothbrushes were made of animal hair bristles. It wasn’t until then that nylon toothbrushes made with synthetic bristles, were available. Naturally, people preferred the nylon synthetic toothbrushes because they were softer and more hygienic. Early dental procedures were done with unsophisticated simplistic tools, often in unsanitary conditions.  There was no such thing as antiseptic, anesthesia or sedation dentistry either. It was considered a normal part of dental treatment to feel pain, both by the dentist and by the patient, and the fear of pain was the main reason why many avoided going to the dentist.

Dentistry Has Changed

Surprisingly, most Americans did not regularly brush their teeth until after World War II and the loss of teeth was considered a normal function attributed to old age. Preventive dentistry plays a major role in modern dentistry and can help people keep their teeth for the extent of their lifetime. Now, a majority of Americans not only focus on the health aspects of keeping their teeth clean, but many are also concerned about the cosmetic appearance of their smile. Modern dentistry has changed all of that!

Nitrous Oxide Controls Anxiety and Pain

In today’s world, dental procedures are routine and painless whereas in the past they were complex and lengthy ordeals that required extensive recovery time.

Today there are medications and methods that can reduce or eliminate pain and control anxiety during most procedures. Nitrous oxide, is a safe and effective short-term sedative to help you relax during dental treatment. Often referred to as “laughing gas”, it is an option available to help you feel more comfortable during restorative procedures.

Advances in Modern Dentistry

We have many ways to prevent dental care problems and to treat issues when they develop with modern dentistry. Aurora, Colorado, dentist, Dr. Terrance Wolbaum, of Pioneer Hills Dentistry, provides the kind of dental care we can give thanks for. Gone are the days of crude dentistry practiced as recently as the 1950’s and 1960’s.  The following are a few of the methods Dr. Wolbaum uses to treat his patients.

Intraoral Camera Diagnoses Your Mouth in Precise Detail

Intraoral cameras are a form of technology that has changed the way Dr. Wolbaum diagnoses a problem in your mouth. The camera is about the size of a pen that fits inside your mouth. The camera provides a magnified image of your teeth that is then displayed on a computer screen, which allows you to see what the dentist is looking at.  This technology allows the dentist to see more clearly the condition of your teeth and gums so he can better diagnose dental problems and use more precision when treating chips, cracks and fillings.

CEREC – Same Day Crowns

Permanent dental crowns can be made in the dental office during one visit. Dr. Wolbaum and his staff can now create natural-looking ceramic crowns in their office. Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a high-tech system used to design and make high-quality, metal-free dental restorations in one appointment. CEREC utilizes 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology to help Dr. Wolbaum design a virtual restoration without taking impressions and, when combined with a milling unit, he is able to build an actual crown while you are still in the dentist’s chair. Check out our website for more information, then make an appointment to see if this is a good option for you.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dr. Wolbaum uses dental fillings that are made of tooth-colored composites made up of ground white porcelain and durable resins. These fillings are aesthetically pleasing, and they also provide good durability and resistance to cracks that can form in silver fillings. Composite resins bond with the tooth itself, creating a stronger structure than a filling that is held in place by the shape of the cavity. The composite filling provides less “wiggle room” for decay to form under the filling. 

Technology Has Changed Dentistry

Dental technology advances are ongoing. New ways to diagnose your dental needs and treatments improve along with those advances. In the not-so-recent-past, you may have been stuck with a missing tooth. Today there are several tooth replacement options available. Technology has changed dentistry so much and it’s exciting to see what is on the horizon. Experts say that technological innovation will ultimately improve and continue to broaden in dental care, allowing for same-day care that translates to fewer office visits. This means a healthy smile will be more affordable, as noted in this article from Scientific American magazine.

Pioneer Hills Dentistry, provides modern dentistry services for the whole family and includes a comprehensive list of general, restorative and cosmetic dental care. We use the most current technological developments and the best techniques available in today’s world.

Our Aurora dental office is conveniently located at 5492 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado, with easy access from Parker, Centennial and Highlands Ranch. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (303) 766-8811 and find out for yourself that your dental experience can be easy, quick and pain-free! Now that is something to be thankful for!